Sirri na Pesse: Navigating Bugis Identities in Singapore14 October 2017

14 Oct 2017 - 24 Jun 2018
Gallery 1 & 2, Malay Heritage Centre
10.00am - 6.30pm


 Sirri na Pesse: Navigating Bugis Identities in Singapore    

Sirri na Pesse: Navigating Bugis Identities in Singapore
14 October 2017 – 24 June 2018
Malay Heritage Centre, Gallery 1 & 2
Free Admission

Sirri na Pesse, which loosely translates to 'Honour and Pride' in the Bugis language, features the history and development of the Malay-Bugis community in Singapore, many of whom can trace their roots through seminal historical developments in the Malay world during the 18th to 20th centuries.

Whether of royal descent, or born to seafarers or merchants, the local Malay-Bugis community continues to maintain their distinct cultural heritage whilst establishing modern Bugis identities unique to their Singapore experience.

Sirri na Pesse is the fourth instalment in the Se-Nusantara (Of the Same Archipelago) series of exhibitions that rediscover the rich multi-ethnic heritage and culture of the Malay community in Singapore.

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